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About Us


Angel’s Island Coffee officially opened its door in January of 2007 but its dream began inthe Fiji Islands when I was 16 years old. A new coffee shop had opened in the capital city ofSuva which my dad often frequented. Cappuccinos and lattes were a new thing in the late 90’s in Fiji. My dad got to know the owner and knew that I also wanted to work in the coffee shop so he made arrangements for me to work there without a salary. (He did pay me an allowance). It was a great experience and the coffee shop “bug” bit me! From that time on I knew I wanted to have my own coffee shop one day. I returned to the States after living in Fiji for 11 years and began taking classes at a community college. Two years later I moved to Huntsville, AL, where my parents were living. My dad and I started making plans for my coffee shop. I worked in restaurants, we both did research about owning and operating a coffee shop. We took all the classes we could at the Small Business Administration, saved money and wrote up our business plan. After almost two years of preparation we were ready to launch my dream. An empty building in a good location was available and we were able to acquire it. We started refurbishing it tearing out an old drop ceiling and insulation. My brother moved to Huntsville to help us and my sister, aunt, mother and others were there to help in various ways. Finally after years of preparation and months of work we opened our business in January of 2007. Since that day in January, 2007, I have learned a lot about running a business and the rewards of hard work. But the best thing about my coffee shop is the customers. Many have become good friends and I love to help someone’s day begin with a smile and a great latte. When we lose a customer that is moving away or sometimes, sadly, to death, we genuinely miss them. In 2009 we were voted as “Best Coffee in North Alabama” by WHNT Television Station in their “Best of the Tennessee Valley” contest. We also won “Best Specialty Food and Drink” in the same contest. We continue to strive to be the best in customer service, customer care and in the product we sell.
I would love to open up a second and third Angel’s Island Coffee but for now I am enjoying growing our present business.